Friday, October 1, 2010

Spooler SubSystem App stopped working and was closed

you might encounter this error in both windows xp and windows vista operating system, most commonly for any of the HP printers caused when the print spooler is stopped.

First you need to check the print spoler settings, follow the below steps.

Click the Start button.

Click Control Panel.

Click System and Maintenance.

NOTE: This step is not required when using Classic view in Windows Vista.

Click Administrative Tools.

Double-click Services.

Locate the Print Spooler entry.

Right-click the Print Spooler icon and then click Restart.

A progress message will be displayed.

Right-click "Print Spooler" and select "Properties".

In the General tab make sure that the startup type is set to Automatic. Click on the Start button of the Service Status is Stopped.

Click on the "Recovery" tab and change all 3 drop-down boxes to "Restart The Service".

Make sure the 2 text boxes underneath say "1" in them.
Select the 'Log on' Tab and make sure that the 'Local system Account' is selected and click Apply and OK

Then, try to print or to access the Print Properties or install the drivers as applicable.

if you are still unable to access or print from the printer, follow the below steps:

1.Click Start > Control Panel.

2.Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel.

3.In the left side, Click "Turn Windows features on or off"

4.Click + sign of Print services

3. Check Mark and select LPD and LPR. You should remove the check box against "Internet Printing Client".

4.Restart the PC to ensure there is no error of spooler service.


This sometimes require two attempts, first Select LPD and LPR and save the changes. Select the "Internet Printing Client" as well.

Click Apply and OK.

Restart the PC to ensure that the steps are enabled.

Go back and de-select Internet Printing Client. This one causes a reboot again

Alternatively, try selecting the option print directly to printer in the printer properties instead of using the spooler option.

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